At our last meeting, we had three of five learn how to flip a canoe on to their shoulders which is an essential skill that we will use for every portage we encounter on the trip. Canoe flipping is not easy, yet everyone was able to do it successfully without assistance. What's more, they all portaged a canoe down the road about a quarter mile without taking a break. Mason and I were both very impressed at how well it went the first time.

The boys also planned their menu for the entire trip. This can sometimes be a contentious process, but luckily we don't have any really picky eaters. Although, I think everyone agreed to eliminate prunes from the menu. Tonight, we will have Talon, our food manager, input the menu into the computer so that the food can be ordered for us to pack on food packing day in June.

Thankfully, we have found a date and time for the parent meeting. Mason and I are very excited to meet all the parents and get any questions that anyone may have answered. Once again, the parent meeting will be Wednesday, May 31st at 7:00 pm and will be located at basecamp. Please let mason or I know of any questions or concerns that arise before the meeting. Unfortunately Roberta will be gone during our parent meeting, but she will be calling each of the parents to do a quick medical information interview over the phone. Then, one of the other guides that is also an RN will be present at the meeting to answer and pertinent medical questions.