Hi all. I hope the parent meeting was an informative and good introductory experience. To echo Brady, the relationships between the crew members are of immense importance, and building those relationships is a process that starts at the first introductions. I apologize for being unable to attend, but can't wait to meet all of the guys as well as the parents. I'm super excited to get started with the preparation process. 

A little bit about myself. My name is Mason Halstrom. I graduated from Cathedral high school last year (2016) and am a current freshman at the University of Notre Dame, studying science pre-professional. Hopefully medical school will be in my future but that's a long way off. During high school I ran cross country, played hockey, and obviously participated in Les Voyageurs. I have been on two trips, my first year trip in 2014 and a far north trip to the Coppermine river in 2015. I come from a family of Cathedral grads, both parents class of '88, sister class of '14, as well as two younger brothers who currently attend Cathedral and a younger sister in 5th grade. We all live about two miles south of basecamp(a location you will soon be very familiar with if you aren't already). I'm super excited to get to meet everyone in a few weeks. Being able to come back and guide for this program which has been so important to me is a dream come true. If you ever have any questions I'm available at 320-266-4038 or mhalstro@nd.edu.

Let's make this summer a great experience for all.