What a week it's been. About 90% of our food preparations for the entire month were completed over the course of 3 days. First was our baking day where we prepared our hot chocolate, bay bread, bannock, and hamburger for the trip. Next came food packing day where just about every other bag of food that doesn't need to be dehydrated or cooked was packaged and labeled. Finally came jerky day. The guys had fun trimming the fat off of slices of beef to prepare our beef jerky the next day. Our week was capped off with a crew sleepover at basecamp where the boys learned a few new skills and had some fun bonding. In the morning the guys cooked breakfast and then competed in the crew olympics where they had the chance to showcase their skills head to head against the rest of the LVI crews. 

As we move toward our departure in 8 days, I couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity to guide this group of guys on their wilderness experience. I've enjoyed watching them open up to me and to each other and grow closer. I can only imagine what the 25 days in the wilderness will do for them. 

Looking ahead we have a few more big days on the schedule. On Monday will be our sewing day at the Connolly's followed by our packing days on Tuesday and Wednesday. The excitement is building!