What a week it's been!! As today we hit the t minus two weeks point, my feelings of preparedness have fluctuated, but I'm glad to say after the past few days, I'm feeling good. The guys have by now learned almost every skill that they will need for our trip. I've been extremely impressed with the proficiency and improvement that I've seen in their paddling. As we've now gotten on the water nearly a half dozen times, most boys are able to steer the boat in a semi straight line. We've even progressed to more advance canoe skills such as j-leans and braces, both of which were learned with relative ease. We've also finalized our route and learned other skills such as tent setting and kettle pack packing. I even heard rumors of a crew date that took place while I was away this weekend. The skill development will of course continue over the next two weeks, but now our focus begins to shift towards food and gear preparation. Three big days loom ahead this week: baking day, food packing day, and beef jerky day. After this week, nearly all of our food for the entire month should be ready to go. I thank you all again for the dedication to the program. I understand how difficult it will be to not see your child, grandchild, nephew, or friend for a month, but I ask for you patience as you see less and less of them in the coming weeks.