The excitement in the air around basecamp is palpable. Somehow we've surpassed the mad scramble phased and moved on to a strange calm. What not three days ago seemed like an insurmountable to do list has been whittled down to nothing. All of our food and equipment sits in boxes and packs ready to be loaded up, while the final few skills required by the Canadian wilderness are honed. This past week has seen three more long days come and go. First our sewing day hosted by the Connolly's and then our two packing days at the Van Halbeck's business. During that time we welcomed our own Frankie Tomczik back from his brief hiatus in Germany and attempted to get him caught up on all he'd missed. On Thursday morning the guys completed a four hour roughly 14 km paddle starting at five in the morning. Dealing with wind and sun and fatigued as they endured what was hopefully a somewhat trail like experience. Of course nothing will truly prepare them for what they will experience in less that 72 hours, but I feel confident in each of their abilities and resolve to deal with any challenge they are confronted with. I would like to thank all of the parents again. I understand how difficult it  will be to be completely out of contact with your son for a month, and I know that at times they've been so busy it seems they already were in Canada. Thanks again for those who volunteered their spaces or their time and skill, or provided us with a lunch on a long day. Without your support and contributions, this trip would not be possible. As always if any last minute questions or concerns come up feel free to contact me, but if not this will be my last correspondence. I look forward to seeing you all at the last supper. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with this group of kids this summer, and I couldn't be more excited for my favorite part of the job to begin!