Hello again, this is the first official blog post. I'll try to write a post weekly accompanied with pictures to keep you parents and anyone else who is interested up to date with our pre-trip preparations. Since I've been home its been a whirlwind of activity. On Friday night I was able to have the first meeting with the entire crew. It was so great to meet all of the boys, they really gave me the feeling that this is going to be a fun and action packed summer. At our meeting the guys showed me what they had learned with Fred in their previous meetings. I was very impressed by the proficiency in canoe flipping and portaging. We've got a group of strong kids who I can already tell are going to be workhorses on trail. Next they displayed some equally impressive mental aptitude when we went over some map reading skills and some knot tying. Finally we were able to plan out part of our menu for the summer. During the meeting I had a constant bewilderment as the boys picked up one skill after the other with astounding speed. I was struggling to keep them occupied by the end. Their eagerness to learn and encouragement towards each other is a very good sign to me. I previously said that I couldn't be more excited to guide this crew this summer but somehow my excitement has only grown through one meeting.

Thank you to all the boys and families who were able to help out with woods clearing day out at basecamp. Fred, Roberta, and the program are extremely grateful and we couldn't maintain such facilities without your help.

Looking forward we have one more meeting on the schedule currently with several more soon to come. In addition, our parent meeting is scheduled for Wednesday the 23rd at 8pm(note the time change). I look forward to meeting all the parents there. As always don't hesitate to call or email me at anytime with questions or concerns.

Mason Halstrom