Greetings parents/grandparents/followers of the Middle Track Pack,

We leave in a short few days which is very exciting!! At this point, we have most of the logistics and route planned out to a T, but naturally things will be subject to change on trail.
Route planning was interesting because there are also past journals and notes on our route from previous voyager crews as well as other expeditions that have also gone. From their reports, it will be a really fun, beautiful, and at times challenging route.
As of now, we are planning on starting our trip at Norway House, Manitoba. We will drive all the way up there, drop off our stuff, and Greta and a few other girls will drive our van/trailer to where we will eventually end our trip in Wabowden. There is a nice truck driver named Wayne who will shuttle them back to Norway House and let us park our car and trailer in his truck lot while we are gone. After this, we hit the water! The first part of the trip will be a few days of lake hopping with smaller rivers until we get to the main rivers. We planned very long days, but we have some room to have lay over days, wind bound days, and shorter days than planned. The only day that is not subject to change is our final day. We will have to wake up quite early in order to make the 80 kilometers we need to. Good news is that the river is moving very fast and it will be doable! We can’t camp in that area because it is a higher PB risk (polar bear — Greta’s new abbreviation is PB). We will then camp at York Factory where there is a fenced in area and guards so we are out of PB danger. After we are done with our trip, we will take a boat ride around the Hudson Bay peninsula and up the Nelson River a ways to Gillam. The area around Hudson Bay is supposedly good whale watching and polar bear watching so fingers crossed! From Gilam we will take an overnight train to Churchill (PB capital of the world!!), spend the day there, and then take the another overnight train back to Gilam. From Gilam we take another train back to our van and trailer (hopefully still) parked in Wayne’s lot. From there we are just a car ride away from being back home safe and sound.
We also received a list of names and numbers of people who previous voyageurs have been helped by whether it was car/bus trouble or hitching a ride somewhere to sleeping in a church basement in Churchill. It is great to know that even when we so far away from home we have people to lean on if needed. (Also we have AAA courtesy of the Fritz family so thats also a good thing)
See you all soon! (Last breakfast is this Sunday at the Fritz household so be there or be square)

-Kenna W.