Hi everyone,
This past week on Thursday, we had baking day. We had this at Mady Mohs' house in Sartell (much thanks to the Mohs' for hosting)! The day sounds pretty casual, but it's actually pretty intense because we get so much done. We started off having to thaw our meat, because it was frozen solid (even after thawing in coolers for 12+ hours) and eventually we would have to blend it with our hands. After we did that, we realized we were pretty short on a lot of the ingredients we needed for bay bread, so some of us had to make some runs to get what we needed (sugar, oats, etc). When we got everything we needed baking day was kicked into full gear! There were groups of us creating bay bread, there were groups creating bannock mix (which we cook on trail, not at baking day) and there were groups blending the meat and adding spices. Bay bread is very similar to a granola bar, but it's pretty fun because we get to add whatever fun sweet ingredients we want. Some ingredients we added to them consisted of pretzels, chocolate, coconut, rolo candy, and marshmallows. We eat bay bread at lunch, and since it'd be pretty bland without the extras we like to make it as interesting as we can! Both the bay bread and the spiced meat had to be cooked in the oven, so the rest of the day kind of consisted of rotating things in and out of the ovens and bagging the bay bread, and boxing the meat to be shipped off to our dehydrator. We celebrated the good days work with some nice Domino's pizza (again, thanks to the Mohs' family). After that good days work we are getting more excited for our trip and also excited to eat all the food we've been making!
Peace out,