Hello all, here is a quick update of what we have been up to!

The last few meetings have been busy with trying new things, but also refreshing the old stuff. Something that we recently did was we went as a crew down to Watab Park in Sartell. Here we took the girls down behind the kiddy pool to look at the whitewater features on the river in real life, and not just on a a whiteboard or cardboard cut out. The girls were able to pick out the different features that we would see in a whitewater setting. After that, we headed back to basecamp to begin to try new things. The girls were able to experience a "bushier" trail that is more similar to what they will experience up in Canada. This trail ends in a swampy area at the tip of the point. Once they got to this area, they all practiced flipping up and putting down  the canoe in knee deep water, with their feet stuck in the mud. Despite them thinking that it was "gross", they all did awesome (and some even fell up to their shoulders in the muck)!:) After getting all dirty, we headed back to the dock to practice saving people with throw bags (and so that the girls could clean off). 

Some of the things that we continue to practice include setting up tarps, packing the kettle pack, setting up the tents, and canoeing. The girls showed off their tarp setting up skills once again, and proved that they know how to set up a mean tarp! After that was done, they all got to take their turn packing the kettle pack to prove that they know how to do it. Finally, we went for a paddle out on the river. Once again, we were able to practice having heavier boats to simulate what it will be like up on trail. The girls paddled with an extra person, plus some sort of pack in their boat and were able to experience what the boats feel like when they are somewhat loaded. 

All the girls are doing so awesome and are proving that they are prepared for trail! Times flying, and in just one week we will be hopping on the bus heading up to Canada! 

Your Guides, 

Kenzie and Kenna