Well today was a very eventful day. Today was Crew Olympics. This has been a tradition of Voyageurs since about 2013. Each year, all of the first year crews gather to have a friendly competition against each other with the skills they have learned for trail. Each crew completes 4 different events: paddling, portaging, tarp set up, and kettle pack packing. Within each of the events, each crew is judged based on time, and quality of their performance. For paddling, each crew has to make "figure 8's" around buoys. As for portaging, each participant has a relay with their crew going to the tennis courts on pine point road, switching with a fellow crew member and then racing back. Typically, many crews are in competition mode and end up doing a sprint with a canoe on their shoulders!! Next, for tarp set up, the crews were given different weather circumstances and have to pick the best trees to set up the tarp based on the circumstances. Once the trees are picked, they have to set up the neatest tarp they can. Finally, the last event is kettle packing. Each crew is given all the supplies that go in a kettle pack and they are timed for the amount of time it takes them to pack it qualitatively. After all the events are done, the scores from all the crews from each event are compiled together to determine the winner. 

Each and every crew did so great and had a blast! There were even several ties, and in order to break the tie between the Windschitl and Rau crew, there was a dance off. These two crews got to show off their best dancing skills to the song "Eye of the Tiger." But, Kenna and I are so proud to announce that the girls of the Fritz/ Wensman crew GOT 1ST PLACE!!!! :D After lots of hard work and friendly competition, the girls won the Crew Olympics by 1 point!! We are so happy to see the girls show off all the skills they have learned and the improvements that have been made to pull off the win! We will now be part of Voyageurs "Crew Olympics History" as we got our crew name signed on the Crew Olympics "golden medal paddle."

Proud "Crew Parents",

McKenna and Mackenzie