Today was a busy (and slightly expensive) day! We started the day bright and early with some of the girls coming out at 7am to go paddling. As of now, the girls all have been out on the water at least two times and are getting more comfortable with the use of different strokes and where they will turn the canoe. They are ready to paddle figure 8's tomorrow morning at Crew Olympics! 

This afternoon we all met up at The Boot Shack in St. Cloud to pick up our boots we will be bringing on trail, two pairs of socks and sock liners, and some mink oil! The girls will all be mink oiling their boots in the near future (if they need the instructions they are under the parent instructions tab of this website). Once they are oiled we can start breaking in the boots! It is important that the girls follow the instructions for oiling the boots, because it helps the leather withstand being wet all day and drying out (mostly) at night. These boots are our babies! Bad boots = hard time portaging. 

We rounded out the shopping spree by going to Savers to pick out trail/camp clothes. The girls were excited to extend the "Dad" theme we had at Food Packing Day to the trail clothes they chose to buy. Some still have to pick out a few more things, but overall today was a success!

Looking forward to the Olympics tomorrow,

Kenna and Kenzie (: