Today we had a crew meeting and were able to practice all of our skills for crew olympics, which is on Friday. As a crew, we began the meeting with a portage. All the girls have said that portaging is getting easier for them, which is great! Portaging is one of the events for crew olympics, and it will be timed. Next, another event the girls will have on Friday is tarp making. The girls perfected their tarp setting up skills today and are ready to win it on Friday :). Another skill that we practiced was packing the kettle pack. The girls made the kettle pack look great, and will be given an opportunity to show off their skills again on Friday. Finally, the last skill that is involved in the crew olympics is paddling. Each of the girls have came in outside of crew meetings to paddle with Kenna and I. With each time that we go, there is great improvement. Now to end the meeting, we took a look at our maps and got a general idea of where we want to go this summer. This is something that we will continue to look at and finalize in the upcoming weeks. 

The girls are doing so awesome and it is so fun to see them learn more and improve from meeting to meeting. See the girls ready to go (and WIN!!) the crew olympics on Friday!!!

With great excitement

Kenna and Kenzie