On Tuesday we had our food packing day. This day was filled with controlled chaos. 11 crews gathered in the cafeteria at Cathedral High School where food packing took place. Each crew came dressed up in different costumes, as that is a tradition for food packing day, and it was super fun to see what everyone chose. As for the Fritz/ Wensman crew, everyone went all out and we were some bomb lookin "Dads" :D. After some instructions and an explanation of how the day would play out, the crews began! Chaos began as each crew gathered at their assigned table and then were instructed by the food manager from each crew, in our case Noelle, to go out to the tables filled with food and get what they were told. The food manager was in charge of instructing each crew member to get different amounts of the different foods we had on our menu that we completed. Some examples of the food that was packed were noodles, mashed potatoes, nuts, oatmeal, ham, and much much more. As a crew, the girls had the responsibility of making sure that they were on the same page as Noelle so that she could check off the food once it was in our bins to limit the amount of mistakes made, and make sure we have all the food we need for trail. 

After several hours of packing food, we stopped to have lunch. Shout out to the Weldon family for bringing the lunch for food packing day, it was delicious!!!! After filling our bellies with food, we went back into the cafeteria and finished up getting everything we needed for our menu. Once we were done, we helped other crews finish up and then cleaned up the cafeteria. After the fun filled food packing day was done, we packed up our food in the car and brought it to the Weldon household to store there until we pack our food packs before we depart on our trip. We also went to the dehydrator site and bagged up the fruit that we had been working on. 

Food packing day was a long, but fun day for the girls; it seemed to have made each of the girls that much more excited for our departure!

35 days until the last supper!!!! 

Much love and excitement, 

Kenna and Kenzie