Today the "2 Kens Crew" (or "Tucan" if you will...) gathered at the Atkinson household. Thank You for volunteering your space!!) to sew our paddle cases and ditty bags. We will use the paddle cases to transport our paddles on our way up and back to make sure that they don't get scratched up or damaged in the trailer. Our ditty bags are small bags of varying sizes that help with organizing personal items in our big personal packs which will have 3 people's personal gear in them at once. It helps to not have multiple bottles of CampSuds or bug lotion floating around the packs and keeps everyone's separate for easy recognition. The girls (with help from multiple moms and grandmas) all sewed their own. We were very impressed with everyone's skills and creativity making durable bags, some of which were multicolored. 

We ended the afternoon with some great spaghetti and garlic bread that Avery slaved away in the kitchen all morning to make before we all got there. Thank You Avery! We can't wait for your meals you will make on trail as head cook (; 

Thank you to all the moms and grandma that came out to help us sew and brought their sewing machines too. It was great to watch everyone learn how to sew and those skills will definitely come in handy for years to come. We couldn't have done this day without you!

Another step closer to Trail,

Kenna and Kenzie