Friday and Saturday were busy days filled with lots going on. Between these two day we paddled, practiced orienteering, learned how to set up our tents, and finalized out route. 

One of the main things that we have been doing a lot of is paddling. Paddling is something that the girls will need to "perfect" so that when we get up on trail it isn't a shock to them. We have been going out as a crew as much as possible, and have also cleared them all to go out on their own time to practice! We encourage the girls to be going as much as they can!

Something else that is important that we did a refresher on was orienteering. This skill is important so that the girls are able to read the map and tell where they are and what they should be seeing. This skill will also be important if we have to "bush crash", or make our own trail, while we are up there. To practice, the girls did a scavenger hunt around basecamp where they had to follow certain bearings to find the next clue. They all did great! 

Next, we learned how to set up our tents. Although this is something that we will re-learn when we get up on trail, it was nice to get them familiar with all the different parts and how to they will put it up and take it down efficiently. 

Finally, one of the main things that has been long in the process is our route planning. For several meetings we have been creating and re-creating a route that we will follow this summer. The route that the girls chose includes starting at Cairn's lake and ending at the Berens River Village on the edge of Lake Winnipeg. In-between those two points includes many things such as named portages (Big and Little Sas), cliff jumping, 4th of July Falls, pictographs, waterfalls and much more. The route will be a challenging, but fun one! After we had a route set in place that we would like to do, Fred graciously came to one of our meetings to go over the route with us. He gave the girls a few pointers as to whether a stream may or may not be there, some more cliff jumping sites, and also helped us organize our days and figure out about how far we could make it each day to stay on track. With Fred's knowledge and insight, we have a better picture of what the route all entails

Times flying by and the excitement is rising! We will soon be on a bus heading up to the "bush". 

Great Excitement, 

McKenna and Mackenzie