The past two days have been extremely busy for the girls! On Sunday night, all the girls and their families came out to basecamp for the family BBQ. Thanks again to Jessie Zack for coordinating this, it was a blast! At the family BBQ, all the families were able to mingle and meet each other, and converse over some delicious food. After everyone was done eating, the girls were able to show off some of what they have learned. The girls showed off their skills in canoe flipping and paddling. After some encouragement, some of the parents even took up the challenge and tried flipping the canoe themselves! :) Despite the girls cringing at the "different technique" most parents ended up using, it was a ton of fun for the girls to get to show off their skills and have their parents or siblings give it a try! After most people got their turn flipping the canoe, some families were able to get out on the water. The girls gave their families a little canoe ride around the dock area. After tonight, I'm sure parents and siblings have a newfound respect for the girls and how hard some of the skills they have been learning are! 

After the family BBQ was done and everyone started leaving, the girls stayed at basecamp for our crew sleepover! Before all the fun activities began, we loaded the trailer with canoes, paddles and PFD's for out paddle in the morning. Once the trailer was ready to go, the sleepover fun began! The girls decided on tie-dying shirts! This was a super fun activity, and they all decided that we will bring our shirt on trail as our "camp shirt". Once we were done tie-dying, we went into the basecamp meeting room and played some fun rounds of charades and headbanz. All the girls got super involved and it was fun to interact as a crew in that aspect. After many intense rounds, everyone was getting tired and decided to put on "Mamma Mia" and head to bed. It wasn't long before everyone was sleeping! 

Now for this morning, we got up at 5am and cleaned up everything from our sleepover. After everything was clean and packed up, Fred drove us down in the large Voyageur van to Royalton Sportsman Park. Here, we unloaded the canoes from the trailer and got on the water. It so happened that the weather forecast was extremely incorrect and absolutely downpoured when we got there and were getting on the water. Despite the rain that continued for most of the paddle, the girls kept a great attitude and we were on our way, paddling back to basecamp. Lots of fun was had as we had 3 people in each canoe (as we will on trail). After just 3 short hours, and switching positions 3 times (so that everyone could experience each position), we made it back to basecamp! This long paddle was beneficial for the girls to get used to paddling with extra weight, and paddling for a longer amount of time. 

These last two days were filled with lots of laughs and lots of fun! We couldn't be more proud of how much the girls have improved, and look forward to heading out on trail soon! 

16 days until we leave!!! 

Your Guides, 

McKenna and Mackenzie