Today was another big day for the Fritz/Wensman Crew!

We all gathered at St. Augustine Church kitchen bright and early to get the day started. (Thank you to the Daniels Family for getting the Church booked with the last minute changes!) We had lots to do today, and the girls all worked hard until all was finished.

This morning we started off with all the girls making their own Hudson Bay Bread. HBB is a calorie dense granola bar that we eat for lunch most days. Paddling and portaging for 10 hours a day requires a lot of fuel to keep up! They all brought some ingredients to add to their signature HBB. We had everything from raspberry white chocolate to Rolo candy and pretzels. We are very excited to dig in to all these great flavors on trail (and even snuck a few samples while bagging it all up just to make sure it was all we hoped for. Hint: it was!!!). 

Next we seasoned 60 lbs of ground beef. We used taco seasoning, Italian seasoning, Lawry's, and chili seasoning and baked it in the oven. After it was done cooking we drained off the grease and crumbled it to get it ready for the dehydrator. This hamburger will be what we use in most of our dinners like spaghetti or mashed potatoes. 

We also mixed up our hot chocolate powder and our bannock mix. We have hot chocolate almost every breakfast and some dinners if we want a nice warm beverage. Bannock is a dense bread (kind of similar to beer bread) that we make on trail for lunch when we don't have HBB. We bake it the night before on our reflector ovens and can mix in various ingredients to make the bread either sweet or salty. Some examples are: apple cinnamon, blueberry muffin, or pizza. 

When everything was cleaned up, we could dive into a much deserved lunch provided by the Zack Family (Thank you!). 

Overall, today was a great day and got one more thing checked off the to do list before we leave. 21 more days until the last supper! 

We are very excited to keep up the progress and anxious to get on trail,

Kenna and Kenzie