Today was another big day for Voyageur participants- beef jerky day. Big thanks to the Trigg family for all their help and allowing us to use their household! All first session crews gathered at 8am this morning to begin the day. After a few instructions, each crew was given piles on top of piles of sliced meat. Each crew was instructed to cut off all the fat from the meat, and then cut the meat slices into smaller strips which were then put into a marinade mixture. The meat will sit in the marinade for a couple hours, and will soon be put on the dehydrator to make our beef jerky for the trip. 

The girls worked so hard this morning and did an awesome job! After several hours of cutting up meat, and inhaling the smell of raw meat/ marinade, we finally finished up with the cutting of the meat and were able to clean up. Once everything was all cleaned and put away. we were able to sit down as a crew and have lunch. Thanks to the Deal-Hansen family for the wonderful lunch (it was delicious and everyone was starving)!! 

Today was a fun day, and tomorrow we have another busy day- our baking day! At our baking day we will be preparing for our trip things such as Hudson Bay Bread, Bannock, and Hot Chocolate.

See all the girls again bright and early tomorrow morning!! :) 

Kenzie and Kenna