Hello All! 

We would just like to give you a quick update on the short meetings we have had recently and whats coming up in the upcoming weeks! 

As for the past couple short meetings we have had (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday), the girls have been able to get out on the water and continue to improve on paddling. Each time we go paddling, we see improvement, and the girls continue to gain confidence in their paddle strokes and ability to control the canoe. Paddling is something that we will continue to do often before we leave, so that everyone is comfortable when we paddle away and start our journey up on trail (very soon)! As for the next steps in paddling, we will begin to go on longer paddles so that the girls arms get used to paddling for a longer amount of time (as we will do up on trail). Additionally, we will soon load the canoes so that they can get the feel of what it will be like (weight wise) to paddle up on trail with 3 packs and an extra person! 

As for the upcoming weeks leading up until we leave, there is going to be a lot going on! This week, we have 2 big days: Beef Jerky Day and Baking Day. These will be held on Wednesday June 20th and Thursday June 21st. The following week we will have our Ditty Bag Day, and soon after that we will have to start packing our packs and preparing to leave. Additionally, we will have a family BBQ out at basecamp on June 24th as a time for families to meet each other, and give the girls an opportunity to show everyone around (thanks to Jessie Zack for setting that up -look for an email/ text from her with information about it- otherwise it is also our on crew calendar!) As for skills wise, the girls will be learning more skills they will need up on trail, while also fine-tuning ones that they have already learned. The girls will continue to dehydrate the rest of the food we will need such as our beef jerky, hamburger, fruits and vegetables. 

For those of you who may not have seen, the first session crews left this past Sunday (June 17th), and are now on trail. Les Voyageurs has posted a few pictures on Facebook if you would like to go check those out! In just 24 short days we will be at our last supper, heading up to Canada to welcome first session out of the bush, as we head in there!! 

Time is counting down until we leave, and excitement is rising! 

McKenna and Mackenzie