Yesterday's weather finally cooperated to allow us to get in the water! We learned how to T-Rescue a capsized canoe in the middle of a large river or lake. Hopefully we never have to use this on trail (knock on wood) but in case we do, the girls are now equipped with the techniques they need to rescue canoes! Next, the girls got the opportunity to J-Lean a canoe. J-leaning is when you try to tip your canoe just enough so water can start to fill the boat, but no enough that it completely tips upside down. It is tough to get a handle on how far is too far, but familiarity is starting to form after just a half hour. While doing this, the girls also learned how to "brace" with their paddles to make the canoe go back right side up in the middle of tipping. This will help the girls prevent tipping (and T-Rescues) on trail if they become comfortable with both bracing and knowing the canoe's tipping points. It was a quick, but fun meeting! We will continue to work on J-Leaning and T-Rescues in future meetings! Overall the girls had fun getting in the river on a nice day!

McKenna and Mackenzie