Today's plans had to be slightly modified due to the rain and lightening. That being said, we still got a lot of things done and getting a few steps closer to being ready for trail in one short month (Crazy to think it is so close!).

We started off the meeting spreading out all our maps and putting finishing touches on the route that the girls want to take this summer. Having a few guest appearances from other guides to share their past routes (Thanks to Mary Spethman, Hannah Windschitl, and Ann Berdan!) we nailed down what looks to be a challenging but exciting route! Out Map Manager Avery had the honor of using an Expo marker to trace our future path on the maps. The next step in officially nailing down this route is to have the prestigious Fred Rupp come and impart his expertise and give us the final tweaks and OK on the route. As of now, our route includes some cool cliff jumping, rapid swimming, all 3 of the possible 2nd Session "Big Name Portages" (famous in LVI history for kicking crew's butts year after year), pictographs, and a night paddle.

The girls also learned how to orienteer using only a compass and a map due to the lack of Google Turn By Turn Navigation in the Canadian Wilderness. Orienteering was tied together with how to measure UTM's which are a unit of measure similar to longitude and latitude on the maps. We also tied in a classroom session on how to navigate white water hazards and safely go down rapids that we will see along the Blood Vein and Berens River during our trip. We finished up the meeting with a quick crash course on a variety of topics like lightening safety, how to load and unload canoes with packs, and how to start fires with matches. 

We can't wait for our next meetings to continue to build off the skills the girls have!

McKenna and Mackenzie