Today we had yet again, another great meeting! For each meeting, we have started by working on our canoe flipping and portaging. This is a skill that each girl will conquer, and we are working hard each day to get to that point. At our meeting today, we got each of the girls to flip up the canoe, and told them to go as far as they could... we even had several go to the tennis courts on Pine Point road which is an AWESOME start! It was so fun having everyone at the meeting, and everyone was able to encourage each other while portaging. 

The next thing that we worked on was learning the paddle strokes we will use in the canoe, but started by practicing them on the land. Some of the different strokes the girls learned were the power stroke, draw, cross draw, J- stroke and C- stroke. These different paddle strokes will be used to powerfully move the canoe forward, and also keep the canoe going in a straight line. Once everyone understood the strokes on land, we went and sat on the side of the dock and were able to practice the strokes in the water to feel some of the resistance the water gives. The girls caught on well and we will soon be able to get on the water in the canoes!! 

The next thing that we worked on was setting up a tarp. This is something that we will use at camp when it is either windy, or rainy. Setting up a tarp gives us the ability to put our packs under them so that they don't get wet, and we can also sit under them to protect ourselves from the wind and rain. 

After we were done with portaging, learning paddle strokes, and learning how to put up a tarp, we had crew bonding. The girls brought stuff for s'mores, and hot dogs to roast on the fire. We sat around the fire for a while, and some people jumped in the river and went for a swim, and then sat around the fire again to dry off. After we were done sitting by the fire, the girls opted to go inside and make crew bracelets. The girls brought bandanas and on each of the bandanas, we wrote either a crew goal, personal goal, or what it mean to be a voyageur. From there, they were braided and we will all have these bracelets as a crew with everyones interpretations on them. Overall this was a great meeting and it is so fun seeing everyone grow closer as a crew! Everyone has been so encouraging of each other, and that is great to see! 

We look forward to the upcoming meetings and seeing continued growth and improvement within the crew!:)