Thursday (May 21) was a successful day! Everyone was able to flip the canoe on to their shoulders with minimal help and portage with it! Everyone did awesome considering it was our first time portaging and it takes some practice getting comfortable with balancing a canoe and walking with it. We will continue to practice flipping and portaging until we leave on our trip to make sure everyone is comfortable and more than able to carry a canoe through various terrains we will be encountering including steep hills, rain, and in the water.

We also started to learn some of the important knots that we will be tying every day on trail for tarps, connecting packs, and setting up clothes lines! It was great to see the girls helping each other tie the knots once they understood how to. 

Everyone is becoming more comfortable with each other and the crew is meshing very well for this early in the summer. We are all excited to see where this summer will take us!


Kenna and Kenzie