Tonight we had a busy meeting. We started by giving everyone their jobs for the summer such as the Food Manager, Equipment Manager, Map Manager, etc. These jobs give the girls responsibilities that start tonight and end when we return our gear upon coming home.

After that, we went outside and covered how to properly flip a canoe on our shoulders to portage. Everyone was able to get the canoe on their shoulders by the end of the meeting, so we just need to perfect our techniques and get comfortable under a canoe. 

Finally, we closed the meeting going through the different food choices that we will have on trail and submitting our food order. The girls were all open to trying new foods, so we are bringing a wide variety of everything! We are all excited to see what different combos we can try for our meals. We are going to fill our food orders and bag everything up in one meal portions during Food Packing Day on June 5. 

The excitement is building for our trip as we start to learn new skills! 


McKenna and Mackenzie