The first official meeting was held today!

This was the first time everyone was present besides at the parent meeting held last Sunday. The parent meeting was a great way to get everyone excited for the upcoming summer and meet all the parents. Today we started the meeting off with trying on sample gear and going over the packing list. We then took a brief tour of basecamp so everyone became familiar with our new home for the summer. Sanding paddles came next and it got everyone thinking of what they want to have painted on their paddles! Some cool ideas were shared and we are all excited to see the paintings when they are finished, either by the reformatory, friends, or family. We rounded out our meeting by looking into the future and what crew goals we have for preparing and when we actually get on trail. The girls had some great ideas and we are excited to see what this crew can do!


McKenna and Mackenzie

P.S: We have added two photos from today so you get an idea of what we did!