The Rau/Fritz Crew has been busy learning several new skills and improving on skills we already know. The guys had a meeting last Friday and the guys did their first portage to the tennis courts on Pine Point, which is a little under a half of mile down the road. We portaged in groups of two and one person portaged to the tennis courts, while the other one portaged back to basecamp. After we got a nice portage out of the way, we headed out to the dock to hit the water for the first time. Taylor and I taught the guys the power stroke, J stroke, C stroke, and draws. We all were partnered up with each other and headed out on the Mississippi. The guys did a really good job for their first time on the water. Taylor and I hope to get the guys out on the water as much as possible until we leave. It is a skill that will get better the more we do it. Before we headed back into basecamp I tipped my canoe, so Taylor and Cole could show everyone how to properly perform a T-rescue. A T-rescue is used to properly flip a swamped canoe in open water. The guys will be practicing those more as we paddle more. 

Once we got to basecamp Taylor and I quick showed the guys two new knots. We taught them the double half hitch, and the taut line. We also showed the guys how to coil the rope up so the rope doesn't get tangled in our packs. The guys will also be working on knots and coiling quite a bit more before leaving on trail.

Contact us with any questions!

Taylor and Zach