Last night we had our second meeting as a crew, and our first meeting with everyone there! Zach and I started it off by explaining how the menu works, and how much of each meals we will need. We named Cole as our food manager which means his responsibilities will include making sure we have enough meals on trail, keeping track of what we have on food packing day, and keeping the food we have under inventory, each member of the crew will be assigned a job prior to us leaving. We also learned that we will be celebrating not one, not two, but three birthdays on trail! Nate, Cole and Zach all have their birthday's on trail. Nate and Cole got to choose one cake for their own birthdays and Zach let the guys decide for him. All of the guys worked together to decide what we will bring and won't bring for food. Some foods the guys had to discuss and compromise over, I thought that was really cool to watch how they decided. While the guys worked on the menu Zach and I took down their T-shirt and PFD (personal floatation device) sizes. After we finished off the menu, we began our route planning. To do this we had the boys put the maps together using the trick we showed them in the last meeting, and then showed them where we will start, Lake Mckusker, and where we need to be by our halfway point for resupply, Lake Sasaginnigak. We hoped to plan the first half of our voyage but didn't quite get there due to time constraints. The guys did a good job listening to each other and compromising on what everyone wants rather than what one person wants. We planned our first 4 days so far and I think everyone is happy with the route we have so far. It's really great to see these guys work together for the crew objectives and not being selfish in their decision making. Zach and I are really excited to see these guys grow more and become closer as a group along the way to trail and on trail.