It has been a busy three days for the Fritz Crew. Starting on Monday, the guys had a brief meeting at basecamp to go over all of the knots we have learned and practiced putting the names to the different knots. The meeting was kept brief since we had our crews parent meeting later that night. It was so great getting to meet all of the parents and show them our crews second home for the summer. 

Tuesday was yet another big day for our crew. It was the first of a few big days we have in our pre-trip preparation for the trip. We had our food packing day bright and early at Cathedral High School and our crew dressed up as Hawaiians as part of our crew "costume". The whole day lasted from about 8am-2:30pm. Jaydon Brattensborg is our food manager, so as part of his job, he let everyone know what food we needed, how much of each kind, and the different weights/quantities of it all. The whole crew was hard at work bagging up all the food and getting everything we need for our upcoming expedition. At noon, we took a short, but well deserved lunch break outside. The lunch was graciously provided by Stacie Rau! It was delicious. After we had our lunch and a short break, the guys the guys dove right into finishing up our food gathering process.

Wednesday's meeting was the perfect way to decompress from our intense food packing day the day before. For our meeting, we went for a nice paddle up the river a little ways to a bay a few hundred yards from basecamp. We were blessed by warm weather and calm water. The guys were given the chance to practice their strokes along the way, but in the bay we had some fun. I taught the guys two fun canoe games; The J-Lean and the teeter totter. For the J-Lean, it is meant to practice your "braces", which you would use in situations like whitewater, or wavy lakes. The high and low brace act as a recovery stroke you can use to push your momentum from leaning too far in the canoe back upright. The objective of the game is to lean the canoe, so it fills up and sinks without the canoe tipping over. It was really fun to watch the guys do a good job with this game! the second game doesn't really work any new skills, but nevertheless, it is so fun. The teeter totter requires both people in the canoe standing on opposite ends of the canoe, all the way on the top and rocking it up and down like a teeter totter. The first the fall off loses. The friendly competition was a great excuse to enjoy the warm weather and water of yet another beautiful night at basecamp.

The guys will be back out at basecamp bright and early at 5am tomorrow for a sunrise paddle.

(Look in the photos section for photos of the J-Lean and teeter totter:))