The last two days have been busy for the guys. Monday the guys met at basecamp to learn several new skills and perfect the skills they already know. The guys started off the meeting by learning how to pack the kettle pack. The kettle pack holds all of our cooking utensils, flagging for bush crashes, stoves, etc...The kettle back needs to be packed so the "stomach" of the pack is flat, so it will fit in the canoe. After the guys got the hang of the pack, we headed to the parking lot across the street from basecamp and learned how to set up tarps. We assumed the rain and wind was coming from the river, so we set it up accordingly with the truckers hitch, taut line, bowline, and the double half hitch. The tarp is held down by sticks that are wrapped with paracord and a rock set on top of the stick to act as an anchor. The tarp looked good and roomy for everyone to hang out under. We practiced our "coiling" of paracord and repacked the tarp and paradcord into the kettle pack.

We decided to go for a nice portage before paddling, so we would get nice and hot before going out on the river. The guys made a huge step yesterday. Instead of portaging to the tennis courts which are a little under a half of a mile, the guys portaged all the way out to county road one!! County road one is around a mile away from basecamp and a big accomplishment for portaging. The guys did an awesome job. We loaded up the canoes on the dock and headed out with our portaging partners out on the water to a bay upstream from basecamp. The guys are starting to paddle in straighter lines, but we will continue to work on that until we leave. When we got into the shallow bay, Gavin and I taught the guys a game call J-Lean. The purpose of the game is to sink the canoe without tipping it. To avoiding sinking the canoe, we use a low and high brace to slap the water to avoid tipping. It can be a tricky game, but teaches canoe control on the water. 

This morning was another busy day for the guys. We met at my former guides parent's house, the Trigg's for beef jerky day. The goal of today was to have all the crews cut what will be their jerky for the trip. The guys had to cut all the fat off of the jerky and slice them into jerky length pieces. Around 11:30 we had lunch provided by Rhonda Gronseth-Thank you so much for the subs!! the guys enjoyed the food before heading to the boot shack to get our boots.

The guys all met at the boot shack to get their boots for the summer. All of the guys seemed to enjoy the boots so much that all of them ended up leaving with them on. Everyone got boots, socks, liners, laces, and mink oil. We all got fitted for boots and made our last stop for the day at Savers. At savers everyone was on the hunt for trail shirts, shorts, or anything that caught their eye. Everyone seemed to have some good finds. The guys are getting anxious to get on trail. Can't wait!!!


Countdown: 12 days!!!!