Yesterday was the busiest day the crew has had so far. We had the crews baking day AND ditty bag day....whoa. Typically baking day and ditty bag day are on two separate days since they take so long. However, thanks to the Chielewski's generosity hosting, we were able to get both done in one day. We did everything at Jack and Jim's Restaurant, which because we had those industrial ovens, we were able to cook everything at once. We had some guys creating our bay bread with candy, s'mores ingredients, blueberries, and raisins. Bay bread is similar to a big granola bar that provides us with a lot of calories during the trip and will be present in most of our lunches on trail. Other guys were working on cooking and seasoning the hamburger, mixing the hot chocolate mix, and making our bannock. With everyone working on several things at once and the power of Jack and Jim's kitchen, we were able to crank out all of our baking very quickly. Once everything was cooled off, we all began bagging the food and putting our Bay Bread into empty juice cartons, which Rhonda Gronseth was generous enough to get for the crew. The whole process only took the crew a few hours. The Chielewski's were also generous enough to allow the hungry crew to eat at the Jack and Jim's Buffet for lunch. YUM. 

Once everyone had enough to eat, we all made our way into the events center part of Jack and Jim's for our ditty bag sewing day. Thank you to all the parents who were able to help out with sewing and allowing us to use the sewing machines. Ditty bag's took very little time since everyone had their own sewing machine to work on and someone to help them. Everyone made three ditty bags, one small, medium, and large. These are used to hold and differentiate  our personal items from one another. Everyone also made their own paddle cases, which will hold our paddles on the bus ride up and back. Everyone did a fantastic job sewing and everything turned out super well. 

Huge thank you again to everyone who was able to help the crew yesterday. All of the help made for a quick, smooth, and efficient day for the crew. The guys will have another busy week with Beef Jerky Day on Tuesday and Food Packing Day on Thursday. We are getting so close to our departure :)


Countdown: 13 Days!!!!