The guys all were able to get a little taste of summer this past Monday at the meeting. The meeting started off by teaching the two guys who missed our canoe flipping meeting how to flip the canoe. However, I wanted to have the guys who already knew how to flip the canoe teach the two other guys who were new to it. It was a fun challenge to see how many parts of the canoe the guys could remember. Everyone was able to get the canoes flipped up perfectly, so we went for a portage down pine point road. We portaged about another 100 yards past our last portage, which was the tennis courts along Pine Point road. In total each guy portaged around a half of a mile! Wahoo!! Again, I had the guys talk with each other about what their most excited about for trail this summer. We circled up after our portaged and shared what everyone was most excited for. Sounds like the guys are most excited for some fishing, the beauty and the experience in general. 

We quickly moved from portaging out to the fire pit by the river. We set up stoves so I could show the guys how to properly start/turn off the stoves. I also taught them our "fire position" that we use when around fires and stoves in case they were to flame up, or our pots were to tip over. The guys did it with no problem, so we decided to put our new stoves skills to the test and make our first batch of Voyageur hot chocolate. We boiled some Mississippi River water to a boil and had everyone flavor their cups to taste with the Voyageur hot chocolate. We will be making our own Voyageur hot chocolate on our Hudson Bay Bread cooking day later on. We drink the Voyageur hot chocolate for breakfast and dinner each day on trail. It is especially good on the days where it is cold and constantly pouring rain. All the guys really seemed to enjoy the hot chocolate and the company of one another around the fire pit area. 

This Friday night we will be going over our route and maps, as well as having a crew sleep over. We will be heading out on the water at 6am on Saturday morning for our first day on the water. Can't Wait!!


Countdown: 25 Days!!!