The Fritz crew had a busy, but very productive meeting last night. Unfortunately, the meeting had to be at 8:30pm so that everyone in the crew could make it to our meeting. Last night's meeting was a very critical meeting since the main focus was the deciding on the food we are bringing. 

The guys were all given pre trip jobs that they will be responsible for as we prepare for our trip. The guys will also now be in charge of setting up meetings. They will each have to look at our crew calendar and find a time that works best for everyone to have a meeting and what skills they think the crew should learn at the next meeting. This will allow the guys to gain some skills that will be important for on trail such as communication, organization, and leadership. Jared will be in charge of setting up when our next meeting will be and we will rotate who is in charge at each meeting. 

After all the jobs were organized, we began looking at our menu. Devon's crew job is to be our food manager. He is in charge of making sure he talks with the crew to see what food everyone wants and how much to have for each meal. It is an important job and he will be very busy at our food packing day. It was important that they were working together on this because that way everyone is having a say in what food we bring. The guys planned enough food for 25 breakfasts and dinners and 26 lunches on trail.

The guys seemed to finish our menu in good time, so I asked the guys if they still wanted to set up maps since it was getting late and they all seemed anxious to get those set up. We began setting up our maps to start getting an idea of where we want to go on the trip. I gave the guys until 11:00pm to set up the maps and unfortunately they were unable to get them all connected before then. We will be setting them up again next meeting and going through our route in more detail.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!


Countdown: 28 Days!!!