The crew had a productive second meeting at basecamp this evening by managing to get some little things out of the way. The guys started off the meeting by sanding down one side of the paddle to prepare it for painting. So awesome to hear that some of the guys, as well as family members will be painting  their paddles this summer. The guys had some awesome ideas for paddles and I cannot wait to see the final products!! 

After our paddles were complete, we gave David (Basecamp Manager) a hand unloading and moving six canoes that we will use this summer from the trailer, so that we can get them prepared for our upcoming trip. The extra hands made the process very quick and easy. Once all the canoes were taken off we worked our way into the cozy meeting room in basecamp to go over questions on our gear list and get correct sizes on all our gear. 

Once everyone had correct gear sizes we began to work on a small, but important skills to know for our trip-Knots and coiling. Coiling the rope is an efficient way to wrap up the parachute cord (Paracord), or p-cord) for easy access the next time it is used. The guys were able to get the knots down so quickly that we were able to get through 5 different knots this evening. The knots we learned were the double half hitch, taut line, Bowline, Clove hitch, and the square knot. Once the guys were feeling comfortable with the knots, we coiled up the P-cord and started to get an idea for the different things the guys want to do/see this upcoming summer on the trip! Sounds like the guys are especially looking forward to some fishing, cliff jumping, rapids, and long portages-AWESOME! We hope to get all the guys together at one of the next meetings to start putting maps together and creating our route!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! 

Zach F.

Countdown: 49 Days!!!