Tuesday was beef jerky day, and if we thought we’d seen a lot of meat trying to cook up 70 lbs at our baking day, we were wrong! All 12 crews were camped out in the garage or a large tent set up on the driveway at the Trigg’s residence. The girls spent the morning slicing the fat from slices of meat and cutting them into jerky sized strips. The meat went straight into a delicious marinade where it was pressed down and packed together. All I can say is it was a lot of meat and a lot of cutting - but we had fun doing it! After today, we will never doubt the value of a nice slice of meat with barely any fat on it. We finished slicing meat just in time to clean up before lunch. That was a welcome treat! We had delicious sandwiches and fruit supplied by Julie Curtis and a little time to sit in the shade enjoying it. All in all, a successful beef jerky day!