Ditty bag day was a welcome rest from raw meat! We met up at the Minnerath’s house where we had a total of 6 sewing machines ready and waiting. I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen a ditty bag day go so smoothly as this one did! A few girls were still in school, so we ended up having two different shifts of sewers. The first shift picked out their fabric, got a quick lesson on sewing machines from Sylvia and they were off. Once the girls finished their first ditty bags and figured out the process, they took off and finished the rest in record time! Morgan and Sonja – I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone power sew quite as quickly as you two! The first shift left to check the dehydrator just before the second shift came in. Again, the girls took to sewing quickly and we were done in no time! Anna even had time to start a pair of mittens! When the second half of the crew returned from the dehydrator we enjoyed tacos in a bag and awesome brownies from Jenn Gerhardt. A huge thank you to the Minnerath's for hosting and Sylvia for the sewing lessons, Jenn for the meal, and Julie Curtis and Nancy Ebel for the extra help with sewing and machines!