It was a full morning for the Ebel crew today! We started off with a grand tour of base camp and got acquainted with our second home for the summer. This included a little walk down to the river to check out our canoes and the awesome bonfire pit. After we had explored a bit, we sat down to talk about our goals for the summer and the expectations we had for each other. I was impressed by how eager everyone was to challenge themselves, not only in our route but in our day to day preparations. It’s clear that we have a lot of energy and excitement about coming together as a crew to begin preparations and test our strength! We also talked about the importance of finding the positives in a negative situation and not being afraid to fail. Being able to see the silver lining during any difficult task will be crucial to our success as a crew this summer! Besides this, parents you’ll be happy to hear that your daughters proposed having common sense as one of our goals! This included wearing sunscreen, watching out for foot fungus, and most importantly putting safety first!

After setting down our goals and ground rules we started planning our route. All I can say is look out Canada, you have a very determined crew looking to explore places no one has been before and take on some of the most difficult portages! We also will make time for a little fun too. We’re planning on stopping by Fourth of July falls to hopefully swim down the rapids, going cliff jumping, and taking a night paddle to start out in the sunset and be greeted with a sunrise in the morning. In the meetings following we will work on putting these components together and deciding the lakes and rivers that we will travel on. For now, we have a great list of objectives to start from!

We powered through the first part of our meeting and had plenty of time to begin learning our knots. After tying the double half hitch, taut line, and bowline knots we set up successful clotheslines all over our meeting room! I saw a lot of neat knots today and everyone had a good time looking for the “PFD” in the bowline knots and following along with the story of the rabbit to tie it! Overall it was an energetic, successful first meeting and we look forward to getting together next Sunday!