The crew took on the challenge of flipping our 17-foot-long canoes onto their shoulders today! And as they can attest, it’s not easy. We started out by learning to name the different parts of the canoe to get familiar with our mode of transport for the summer. We also talked about how important it is to treat our canoes gently and keep them in good condition. This means not dragging the canoes on the ground, taking care to set them down gently, and taking them from the rack without scraping them. After this, we walked through the steps of flipping slowly to learn how to lift the canoes up onto our shoulders without getting injured.  Every girl walked through each step before adding the next so that we could build upon our knowledge. We learned that your grip on the canoe, hand placement and hip thrusts for momentum are very important! Canoe flipping is all in the hips (and in the thumb grip as we discovered!). After building the suspense we put all of the steps together and flipped up the canoes! I was very impressed by the crew. It took some hard work and perseverance, but every girl managed to flip up the canoe! It was awesome to watch the girls give each other suggestions and help their crew members until everyone successfully flipped the canoe. Great job on the team work today ladies – encouragement, positivity, and a few suggestions are so helpful. Next time we work on canoe flipping we will try flipping on both our right and left sides and get more comfortable with the process.

After canoe flipping we started planning our menu. We had a great time talking about all the delicious food we will have and deciding between different options. We’re really excited to be creative with our dehydrating and make some tasty fruit roll ups. Planning the menu really made us realize how real everything is getting. It’s easy to get caught up in all the meetings and preparations that take place pre-trip, but in 34 days we will be on trail drinking the hot chocolate we ordered and starting out on the adventure of a life time! We ended our meeting with a little crew bonding and going over a little check in. We each went around in a circle and talked about the rose, bud, and thorn of our day. The rose was the high point of the day, the bud something that is progressing, and the thorn something that didn’t go so well. It was awesome to hear how the rose of so many days was how well our crew is bonding and looking out for each other and the bud to work on a certain aspect of canoe flipping. We will be meeting on Thursday to begin planning our route and we look forward to spending more time together!