We spent our evening figuring out a bit of a puzzle. The crew was handed a large stack of maps of the area we will be traveling and told to put them together. They sat down, started unfolding maps, and quickly realized this was going to be a big job! In about five minutes there were maps spread across the floor and lots of suggestions regarding their arrangement. It took about half an hour of collaboration to match up most of the maps and identify a few outliers. After deciding that there was simply no place in Canada for these maps a few girls declared that they had to be a part of Mexico because they just didn’t fit! Nevertheless, they kept going and eventually put all the maps in the correct spot. After the maps had been painstakingly assembled, Gretchen made an important discovery – the key to putting the maps together quickly! The discovery was greeted with a few groans and some laughter, but we learned a good lesson about looking for more efficient ways to accomplish tasks. Now that we know how to put together our maps, we can start drawing out the route we’ve been dreaming up! Overall, we had a lot of fun working together as a crew and overcoming the challenge. We ended our meeting with a celebratory jump in the river and we will be back out at Base Camp tomorrow to learn canoe flipping!