Hello Everyone!

We are approaching crunch time! Not to give it away too early in this post, but the countdown is now at two weeks... WOWZA!!! We still have so much work to do and are running low on time. Everyone, with the exception of Seth, is now done with school for the summer and I have now completed my guide, medical, and whitewater training. With schedules opening up, I will expect that the whole crew will be at the meetings and be there for the entirety of the meeting. The calendar is finalized and times are not likely to change, so please plan accordingly. We have some big days coming up that the entire crew needs present for (these have been scheduled for weeks so a work conflict or family visiting is not a valid excuse for being absent).

As of now we have learned how to flip a canoe, portage, paddle, tie knots, and read maps. We have also planned our menu, picked up our new boots, went thrift shopping for some trail clothes, started our dehydrating process, and drawn out the first half of our route. Today we will get a chance to refine our paddling skills (with the wind presenting an additional challenge), set up our tents, review knots, and finalize our route. There are plenty more things to learn before we hit the trail and I am excited to teach the crew!

As always, feel free to call, email, or text me with any questions or concerns.

Countdown: 14 days