Hello everyone!

We have had a crazy week. Food packing on Tuesday, beef jerky on Wednesday, baking on Thursday, crew olympics on Friday, skills day on Saturday, potluck on Sunday, and ditty bag day today. The chaos is not quite finished. This final week before we depart will be another busy one. Tonight is the crew sleepover out at Basecamp. We started the evening with some friendly competition playing Spikeball (very nice picture will be uploaded tonight) followed by a little swim in the river, and currently a movie before bed.

As of now, we have most of our food all bagged up and ready to be packed, we still have a bit to dehydrate. We have all of our beef jerky done, bay bread, bannock, and hot chocolate made, ditty bags sewn, and have earned a place in a three-way tie for third in the crew olympics! We still have some skills to refine and packs to pack, but we are almost ready to hit the trail. The guys are really starting to come together as a crew and are working more efficient as a team. I am excited to see what they can do on our trip.

It was a pleasure to have all the parents out to Basecamp for the potluck and I hope that the guys were able to provide a little more insight into what we have been working on out here beyond what I can do through this blog.

We will have our equipment check day on Wednesday and our packing day on Thursday. Friday we will be paddling and portaging with loaded packs and then packing the bus on Saturday. Once the bus is all packed, the crew will have the rest of the day to themselves to spend with family and friends and then Sunday is when we start our journey.


Countdown: ~5 ish days