Today was the first crew meeting with the whole crew present. It was awesome to see the guys interact and work together! Over the past week and a half, I have had only a few of the guys out to Basecamp at a time due to scheduling conflicts. They got the tour of Basecamp and learned how to flip the canoes, an invaluable skill for our trip.

Flipping the canoe can be an intimidating task when first setting out, but all of the guys were quick to learn. Everyone is able to flip the canoe onto their shoulders by themselves and today we completed our first portage (see the photos on our crew page). The guys could really feel a sense accomplishment burning in their shoulders.

After the portage, the guys learned some simple knots they will need for our trip. Definitely some room for improvement but for the first day they were doing pretty well. After the knots I showed the guys the equipment that I have brought on my trips so that they have an idea of what they need. The final activity of our meeting was the map activity. The crew was given a set of maps and I told them to lay them out in order. It took about 15-20 minutes until the crew figured out the key to reading the maps and another 10-15 minutes to organize them correctly. It is always interesting as a guide to see how the crew communicates with each other and works together to accomplish their goal.

Getting the full crew together for a good meeting got me really excited for this summer! Looking forward to continuing our preparations and spending time with the crew!

Countdown: 44 days!!!