Hello Parents and Participants!

The last week or so has gotten pretty busy with guide training and our medical course. With all of this going on, I will try my best to stay up to date with the blog and photo posts. The crew meetings will begin to run longer as the guys finish up school so we can get them as prepared for trail as possible.

We have had several meetings since my last post, and we have done some exciting things during our meetings. The guys got a chance to paddle out on the river, a big step in the pre-trip preparations. Paddling is a challenging skill to learn and can be frustrating when first starting. Sometimes you feel like you are doing the correct stroke, but the canoe doesn’t go where you, which can be a little discouraging. All of the guys had a good start and seemed to have the power and J-stroke down pretty well, but they were still having trouble keeping the boat straight. We will have plenty of time to practice paddling before we leave, but if they don’t quite master it before we leave, I am pretty confident that they will get it down before the end of the trip.

Yesterday, we started loading up the dehydrator, another very important part of our prep stage. This kicks off the time when the guys will be visiting the dehydrator site at odd hours to make sure that our food doesn’t get over done and that it gets properly bagged so that it doesn’t get moldy before we go on trail. Max, our crew’s dehydrating manager, will be taking on a lot of responsibility during this time to schedule people to check the food and keep track of what we have so far.

With these important things starting to happen, the crew is getting very close to leaving. I am looking forward to meeting more and more often and getting on trail soon. Keep your eyes on the crew calendar!

Countdown: 20 days