Hello Everyone!

Yesterday was an important day for a couple reasons. Firstly, the crew was finally able to meet its newest member, Seth. The guys were very quick to get Seth involved in the meeting, which was the other important part of the meeting. We spent last night working through the menu for our trip. Charlie was named the food manager for our crew, taking on a great deal of responsibility. Any food related issues that we have are now a direct result of Charlie’s negligence, not mine. Of course this is not true, we will share the burden of any issues, but I’ll still blame him!

Going through the menu is a cool way to watch the guys interact and communicate with one another and also gets everyone excited for the trip. We walked through the different options for each meal and the guys gave each of their opinions on how much of each item they wanted to bring. Charlie was in charge of keeping the guys focused and the meeting moving forward and did an excellent job. The rest of the guys will have other jobs and responsibilities during the preparation phase. Menu planning is the first of the major meetings and their will be plenty more in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye on the crew calendar and as always please feel free to ask any questions.

Also a big thank you to those of you who were able to make it out to the woods clean up this morning! It was awesome to see so many volunteers and a huge help.

Countdown: 28 Days!!!