Greetings Parents and Participants!

Today was a big day! We had most of the crew there and covered a lot of things. We started the day, as usual, with a portage. Today’s portage pushed the guys further than they have gone before  and gave the guys a chance to talk and bond through some minor burning in their shoulders, a proven path to friendship.

After the portage, the crew got their first lesson in paddling. It was nice to finally get in the water and get the crew working on their paddle strokes. Before we can get out on the water, I had the crew wading in the water practicing the power stroke and the J-stroke (new pictures coming soon!). Once the guys had the basics down they hopped in the the bow of the canoe and use each stroke while I held the the stern so they could get the feel of paddling in the canoe. For their first time, the guys looked pretty good!

After the paddling was finished, the guys learned about how to read UTMs on a map. UTM stands for Universal Transverse Mercator and are the standard coordinate system used by all of our maps that we will be bringing on our trip. UTMs read like a X-Y coordinate and will be used when we start planning our trip route next week. Like paddling, the guys got the hang of UTMs pretty quick and even succeeded in passing my UTM quiz.

Getting started on paddling and maps is getting me really excited for our trip! As school winds down, the meetings are going to get longer and more frequent. June 17th will be here before we know it!

Countdown: 31 Days!!!