As the title of this blog suggests, we've been getting quite busy recently!  Not only have the boys completed the colossal days of food packing and the crew olympics, but also expanded their knowledge in areas of canoe paddle strokes, in-water rescue maneuvers, knots, tarp placement, kettle pack packing and just about everything in between!  As everyone is getting better at portaging, it becomes a little easier to portage farther and farther and in the near future it's quite possible the Krew Crew goes for the BIG portage to the road (about a mile from our starting position).  We've spent a lot of time out on the water recently and everyone is really getting a hang of how the canoe flows and how to get it to go where they want it, even if there are still a few wrong turns in there.  Recently, the Krew Crew has learned of the J-Leaning game.  The whole point of the game is to sink the canoe without tipping over.  This is accomplished by leaning to a side and using what we call a brace stroke to stop the canoe from leaning too far and tipping.  It's quite a challenge to perfect but when done correctly it's a super fun way to learn balance and keep the canoe stable in rough conditions!  We've still got a lot of busy days in the near future and we're looking forward to seeing everything come together for the big trip!  Only 24 more days until we leave for our great adventure!!