Today was the first time the Krew boys have met in a while.  We've got a busy group of guys on our hands!! Nonetheless, we finally have a system worked out that should work for everyone involved.  Much has happened since our last blog post and things are just starting to pick up.  Today we discussed our menu for trail.  This consisted of our food manager (Otto) informing the rest of the boys what some possible food options and together they decided what and how much to bring.  Then their personal gear was passed out and everyone seemed pretty excited to have their new items for the summer.  We also started our new meeting schedule tonight.  From here on out we plan to have one scheduled meeting a week on Wednesdays.  After that meeting we will then have a kid in charge of planning and coordinating our next meeting, making sure all or nearly all of us can make it.  This not only replicates the responsibility needed as Guide Of the Day (G.O.D.) on trail, but also reinforces good communication among the crew.  Since Otto did such a nice job taking the reins on our menu planning, we decided to have him plan our next meeting.  We are all very excited for the next few weeks as they will be some of the most action-packed and memorable days of our time before we leave for Canada.


Signing off, 

Brew & Kuhn