I'm sure all of the girls on the trip have been out of the house quite a bit this week between regular shifts at the dehydrating site and time spent working at basecamp! We've had lots of extra activities in this past week including sewing our ditty bags, preparing out beef jerky, shopping for trail clothes, and ending with a lovely morning paddle. 

Beef jerky day was a lot of work but it promises some great results! It was a long day of tedious work. The girls learned a lot about knife safety and how to properly cut meat. They also learned how to get the fat off of the meat and how to marinate meat properly. 

At our dehydrating site, we've finished all of our fruit that we will eat for our lunches. As soon as we had prepared our beef jerky, we "squeegeed" the brine off and began to load up the dehydrator with jerky. After that, vegetables and some sauce are all that are left!

Ditty bags were a huge success! Thank you to all of you who volunteered time, space, and/or expertise as we embarked on our sewing journey. The girls learned so much and this skill will be something they can continue to practice as life goes on. These bags are going to go through a lot on trail so it's great that they were done right!

We all went to Savers to get some trail clothes after our beef jerky day. We had to find some trail shirts, wind jackets, trail pants, and some camp clothes. With our new (and a little used) clothes will keep up with us throughout our Canadian adventure. 

Looking ahead- we have food packing day and baking day. Those will be two busy days but we will be oh so prepared and VERY excited for trail food! We will learn how to make the revered Voyageur hot chocolate and create our very own flavors of Hudson Bay Bread. 

Can't wait for the following days- only a week and a half until trail!!