Ahhhhh... Our busy week has come to a close. On Friday, we had our baking day: this includes a very hot day full of sweet and savory smells and a big mess to clean up! We had a few stations (thanks to the Eickhoff's lovely hospitality) including a meat station, a bay bread station, and a hot chocolate station. The girls had an opportunity to switch every so often so that they know how to make all of these signature recipes. We have a lot of great flavors in our bay bread (the girls brought these so that they all could make a pan of "their" flavor). The most interesting flavor, in our opinion, has got to be the fruity pebble bay bread! Our hamburger was seasoned perfectly and is currently hanging out in our dehydrator drying! After the hamburger, we only have a few more things to go before we leave!

Thank you all for the meals provided and spaces volunteered! We really couldn't have done it without your help and support!

Only 8 days until trail! Hope yall are excited!