Hello all!

Last week we finished up the week by taking a nice paddle during the hour of sunshine we had! It was a bit windy but that was great practice for trail. After reviewing the stroke we had previously learned, we put them to the test in some river current. We crossed the Mississippi River and played around with different strokes in a lake. Here, Ann and I taught the girls how to switch positions in the canoe by gunwale walking. This is a great way to get people comfortable in a canoe on the water- we make them spread out like a spider and walk on all fours over a person sitting in the middle. What better way to get comfortable than feel like you're going to tip over?! 

"A knot not neat is a knot not needed," might be a phrase that the girls may have taken home. We review a few different knots and their purposes in how we secure tents, tarps, and canoes. These will be put to the test when we learn how to assemble the perfect tent and tarp. The knots we covered were the Trucker's Hitch, Bowline, Tautline, and the square knot. The purposes are different for each knot and the girls felt comfortable with all the knots by the time out meeting ended!

In the following meetings, we will be continuing to prepare for trail (17 DAYS UNTIL TRAIL). This means a lot of help from parents as ditty bag day and baking day arrive. Thank you again for volunteering! This has been a tremendous help to Ann and myself and will ensure the success our trip.