Hello All!!

A full meeting with everyone present, Woooohooo:) On Tuesday May 23rd we got a pretty important task started. However before the meeting even began, the girls took the initiative to come early and practice flipping the canoe and everyone got it at least once by themselves, such a BIG accomplishment!! Once the meeting started we got right down to business. The girls laid out the maps and we began sketching out a possible route for our trip this summer! We all talked about some of the big name portages and rivers that we want to be completing. It was awesome to see the girls voicing their opinions on what they liked and disliked. Communication is such a key life skill and very important in this program, we were so excited to see the girls excelling with it right away. To close out the meeting we went around and said some pluses and deltas. This gave everyone the chance to voice something they liked about the meeting or how KJ and myself are doing, but also the opportunity so say hey maybe we could change this or work on doing this better. It was very beneficial to hear from the girls their perspective thus far in their journey! 

We then, as a crew, brought our dehydrator to the Eickhoff's house, which is where we will be dehydrating our food for the trip. HUGE thank you to the Eickhoff's for allowing us to borrow that space for the next month! 

We hope to finalize our route very soon so we can start sharing with you where we will be going and what we will be seeing!

Ann and KJ